Wilmar Stockfeed Products



Organic input range

(ACO Certified and USDANOP ready,
suitable for PCAS cattle)




1. OrganicFlo 10NP 

OrganicFlo 10NP is separated at our distillery in Sarina for direct loading under strict standards to ensure compliance with Certifications. It is ideal for production cattle and very easy to handle.

2. OrganicMite 25NP 

OrganicMite 25NP has a higher protein loading and is powered by our unique yeast based production process. Well suited to breeders, bulls, first mate heifers and weaners.


Conventional Cattle Supplement


1. Suplaflo 10NP 

A unique supplement that is currently used by hundreds of graziers to feed many thousands of head of cattle throughout Queensland

It is an excellent carrier for urea and is easy to pump (no special pumps required. Great for production cattle with natural protein and yeast

2. Suplamite 25NP 

Suplamite 25NP has a higher concentration of protein. It is again based on our unique fermentation process and yeast. Ideal for breeding herds, cows with calves, bulls

3. Urea Solution

Urea solution to make 3-6% urea additions


 DVella003 72 Resize


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